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Mom of the Month - April »

April 10th, 2017

Meet Michelle, our April Mom of the Month!

Michelle is mom to sweet little Maggie who is 5 months old. Michelle first started with Fit4Mom when she was 4 months pregnant with our Fit4Baby prenatal classes. She came to class until 4 weeks before her due date and then started with Stroller Strides as soon as she received clearance at 6 weeks postpartum. And now she has registered for our Body Back Transformation session starting in May. She is our first mom to have gone through all of our programs which just shows how amazing she is and how fitness is a priority no matter what stage of motherhood she is in. Michelle always comes to class with a smile and ready to work hard. When she isn't working out with Fit4Mom she works full time (yes, full time) at Wisconsin Cardiovascular, LLC as a Perfusionist. Originally from Minnesota we are so happy she found her home here. We love having you as part of Our Village, Michelle!

What is your fave thing about Stroller Strides? I love that I can bring Maggie with me and that it gives us some...

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Mom of the Month - March »

March 8, 2017

Meet Jamie, our March Mom of the Month!

Jamie is mom to the sweetest little girl, Rosie (8 months). The first word I think of when I think of Jamie is brave. At 8 weeks postpartum she showed up to her first Stroller Strides class not knowing a single person. Sweet little Rosie, like most newborns, just wanted to be held the entire time. Our team of instructors helped hold Rosie so baby was happy and mom could get her workout in but this is something Jamie felt really bad about. (Girl, that's our job, we love baby snuggles). Despite how often Rosie just wanted to be held, Jamie kept coming back to class. She knew that this time to take for herself was important. Fast forward a few months later and Rosie sits in her stroller as happy as can be and Jamie has made some awesome friends along the way. She is the perfect example of regardless the challenges to get to class, or things that might come up in class, she still comes and always leaves happy that she did. Jamie stays home now with Rosie but before baby was a teacher. We are so happy...

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Mom of the Month - February »

February 14, 2017

Meet Emily, our February Mom of the Month!

Emily is mom to two spunky little boys, Jake (4) and Henry (2). Emily was one of our biggest skeptics. The first two things that Emily said when she came to her first class as her two boys bickered in the stroller were, "I don't know how well this is going to go" and "I don't do workout classes". I just smiled and said, "ok". Well, halfway through the class, as she was huffing and puffing she said this is great and her boys had a blast. Ever since then she has become one of our most attended moms and loves coming to class. She is also our social guru and plans all of our play dates and mom's nights out. She is a staple to Our Village and we wouldn't be the village we are without her. Emily is also a consultant for Rodan and Fields and we love when she bring us free samples. Thanks for everything you do to make Our Village awesome! We are so happy you found us.

What is your fave thing about Stroller Strides? I love that each work out is different, I can bring my boys with me and still...

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Mom of the Month - January »

January 10, 2017

Meet Erica, our January Mom of the Month!

Erica is mom to 3 blond beautiful girls, Talia (7), Callie (5), and Malena (2). Originally from Chicago and a veteran mom at the FIT4MOM Chicago location, she moved up here and become FIT4MOM Brookfield/Tosa's first member. You can tell this mom knows her way through a workout and that fitness has been a big part of her life. Needing hardly any direction and always just going right into the exercise she could basically instruct the class. Other's admire how much she pushes herself at every class and strive to be in the kind of shape she is in - and a mom of 3, she can certainly teach some of us a thing or two about parenting. We love having you as part of Our Village, Erica!

What is your fave thing about Stroller Strides I truly value being able to do something for ME during the day without feeling like I’m neglecting my kids. I’ve tried using gym day cares in the past and I’ve always felt horrible leaving my crying kid. Whether I have one or all three of my daughters with me, we can...

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Mom of the Month-December »

December 20, 2016

Meet Sara, our December mom of the Month!

Sara is mom to the cutest blue-eyed boy, Carter. Before baby, Sara was a Special Education Teacher and her calm, patient manner shows every time she is at class. If an award could be given for the most improved it would go to Sara. She came into Stroller Strides as a beginner and very skeptical of working out. Within weeks her form drastically improved and she was no longer a beginner. Now one of our veteran moms, she is considering our intense Body Back program which just proves the kind of perseverance she has. Originally from Illinois, we are so happy she found her permanent home in Milwaukee. She also might hold the world record for longest and most complicated DIY workshop project ;) We love having you as part of Our Village, Sara!

What is your fave thing about Stroller Strides? Being able to get out of the house. It has become a part of our daily schedule. I am able to exercise and do something for myself. At the end of the workout my son is able to have some time to socialize...

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Mom of the Month - November »

November 7, 2016

Meet Courtney, our November Mom of the Month!

Courtney is mom to a beautiful blue eyed girl, Reagan, who will be turning 1 November 30th. Courtney has been consistently coming to Stroller Strides 3 days a week every since she was 8 weeks postpartum. This mama works so hard in class. No matter what crazy combo we throw at her, she kills it. She is a no excuses kinda women. No matter how many times her little one wakes her up in the middle of the night, or how tired she is, she shows up with a smile. And there is no way she is going to let her hubby show her up during our family day classes..... she leaves him in the dust. When she's not at class she works from home as an accountant for Ian's Pizza. We are all still hoping that one day she shows up with a slice for everyone for after class. Thanks for being a part of Our Village, Courtney. We love having you.

What is your fave thing about Stroller Strides? It’s a great workout and I love our Village!

What is your favorite exercise at Stroller Strides? I...

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Mom of the Month-October »

October 5, 2016

Meet Amber, our October Mom of the Month!

Amber is mom to the easiest baby we have ever come across, Makenna. We seriously sometimes think Amber just brings a stroller to class because you NEVER hear a peep out of this sweet little girl. Amber is also expecting a baby boy (due in February). This mom is a rock star! She works full time as a 2nd shift nurse, but still comes to class 4 days a week. She works hard and kills any competition we throw at her. She never complains, you never hear a negative thing out of her. She has been a joy to have in class and we are so happy she found us. We can't wait to welcome baby #2 into Our Village.

What is your fave thing about Stroller Strides? I love doing something healthy for myself as well as being a positive role model for my baby.

What is your favorite exercise at Stroller Strides? Anything but running!

What is your favorite part about being a mom? The best part of being a mom, is that every moment is a new adventure. I love seeing my...


Mom of the Month - September »

September 1, 2016

Meet Lydia Crabtree, our September Mom of the Month!

When Lydia showed up to her first class on a cold, rainy, April day and walked in the door with 2 kids in a double stroller, Mary (3), Jameson (2) and wearing her third, Lucy (6 months) my mouth immediately dropped and I was inspired. She looked at me and said "we've been getting ready for class since last night", The challenges she must face just getting out the door on a daily basis but still manages to come to class a few times a week rain or shine. It's truly admirable. She is always making little jokes in class and bringing laughs to the group. Originally from IL, she is making her permanent home here in Milwaukee and we are so happy she found us. We love having you, Lydia!

What is your fave thing about Stroller Strides? My favorite thing about stroller strides is getting out of the house and doing something good for myself, the mom community, and my kids being able to play with other kids.


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Mom of the Month - August »

August 3, 2016

Meet Stefany Allongo, our August Mom of the Month!

Stefany is mommy to the cutest peanut named Emiliana. Originally from FL, we are so happy Stefany has made Milwaukee her new home! This busy Mama is a wedding planner but still makes time to come to class. Developing preeclampsia and delivering 10 weeks early she has certainly overcome many obstacles. Her positive attitude and go-getter demeanor is contagious! Thank you for being a part of this Village, Stefany. We love having you!

What is your fave thing about Stroller Strides? The camaraderie of being with other moms. We are all going on the same journey. Being a first-time mom and having a NICU baby, I need all the advice I can get :)

What is your favorite exercise at Stroller Strides? Oof! They are all great, but my favs are the ab series and any kickboxing moves. I have such muscle memory from TaeKwonDo that makes any kickboxing moves so much fun.

What is your favorite part about being a mom? Now that the stress of the NICU is...

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