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And just like that, It's summer,

When I was in the hospital to have my oldest, the nurse told me "the days are long, but the years are short." I wasn't fond of this kind of advice at the time, given I was about to have my first baby, but it is so true. The clock seems to go backwards most days, but then all of a sudden, we're halfway through June and summer seems to already be almost over.

This summer we have a summer bucket list...


It's been a little while friends. Winter was long, and hard

There's this thing that happens after you go through body back, someone usually gets pregnant. I can see how it happens, you have more energy, you're feeling good, lookin' good, and then comes baby. Well, after I completed body back, I got pregnant! I was thrilled, we were thrilled. After having an early miscarriage over the summer this baby was an answer to hopes and...


Happy New Year!!! We made it. I personally am a huge fan of the New Year. And Mondays and the beginning of the month, I love it all. I love a fresh start. A time to let go and start over and do better and change things that you're not so crazy about. The New Year is so hopeful.

I don't make resolutions, just goals. It seems the theme this year from what I'm seeing from a lot of people is to get organized, live simply, be more present,...


It's been a week since the end of Body Back. And then it was Thanksgiving and then everyone got sick, obviously. It wouldn't be the holiday's or winter if everyone wasn't sick and just passing it back and forth. I think we're on the other side, for at least 5 minutes.

Let's get right in to it. First I'm going to talk about everything I gained during this transformation. I wanted so badly to focus on gaining physical strength and...


Can I get some virtual high fives because all 3 kids are sleeping!!! I didn't even have to give them Benadryl. It won't last forever because they're sick, but I'm enjoying it while it does.

Guys, Body Back is almost over. I'm excited to have my nights/mornings back, but I'm also really going to miss it so much. My body craves the exercise and I crave the time away doing something for me.

Last night we had our "last" workout....


I'm a little behind, on everything, story of my life. It's been a rough few weeks around here. Can we all agree that being a mom is sometimes kind of a brutal job? Lately I feel like all I'm doing is correcting behavior, scolding behavior, loosing my temper about behavior I've already corrected and scolded, and repeat. I find myself researching parenting books that will make me a more patient mom, and then praying my kids never remember this...


We're halfway done!!! It feels good. The week started great, then Wednesday we did our 100's class. If you think that sounds terrifying, you're right, it is. It's 100 reps of pretty much every muscle. Squats, lunges, push ups, sit ups, biceps, triceps, back, shoulder, and calves. It was pretty brutal, in the best way.

We knew this class was coming up, so it was mostly just trying to psych yourself out for it, And mentally prepare for...


Week 3 is done and done. It was a good week. Saturday was a good workout, as they all are, but felt kind of long and I was in my head a little with some negativity. Wednesday though I felt like I had done a really good job. It was a circuit workout which I love! I love when the workouts go really quick that you don't even realize how hard you worked until you're done. I was super sore most of the week which really feels awesome. We're...


Week two is done. Classes are getting progressively harder, obviously. The whole point is to build strength and burn calories so it makes sense, but it's still a little surprising, like not being able to breath most of the class, or feeling like your arms will never work the right way again. I had to take a few more breaks which is frustrating, but the point is to build strength, I wouldn't be in the class if I already was the strongest...


Week one is done and behind me! It wasn't a bad week, but it wasn't a great week.

Saturday was assessment day, the day of reckoning. First measurements are taken. Awesome, and by that I mean, not awesome. Then the weigh in. Had it not been in the park I would have requested to strip down completely naked to get the most accurate reading. I tried to convince myself that 7 of those pounds were my compression leggings. I mean, it must be...


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