Gained and Lost

It's been a week since the end of Body Back. And then it was Thanksgiving and then everyone got sick, obviously. It wouldn't be the holiday's or winter if everyone wasn't sick and just passing it back and forth. I think we're on the other side, for at least 5 minutes.

Let's get right in to it. First I'm going to talk about everything I gained during this transformation. I wanted so badly to focus on gaining physical strength and confidence during this process. I obviously wanted to lose some weight and inches, but above all I wanted to gain strength. And I did!! I was able to cut my run time down by a minute, I added two and a half minutes to my plank time, and I increased my bicep curls, squats, situps, and pushups.

When we started the class, Lindsay said to focus on the bottom part of the sheet, which was the physical part, not the weight and measurements, but our strength. She said, "that's what you want to see change." It's true. I so badly wanted to see that change. I pushed myself and wanted the change so much. I would have been more disappointed in myself had there not been a lot of change in that section.

Now we can talk about the loss. I was able to lose 8.8 lbs and 7.5 inches overall. It also feels good. I try not to be disappointed that it was only 8 lbs. The brain is a tricky place to be that I can talk myself into 8 lbs not being enough of a weight loss. It is though. It was 8 lbs lost from hard work and discipline and the encouragement of everyone.

The best part of all of this was doing it with this group of woman. All of us were there for a different reason, all of us wanted to get something out of this class, all of us wanted to put ourselves first for an hour and take care of us. To see the things that they gained gave me goosebumps. Increasing weight when lifting, ending with a five minute plank, losing 12 inches, setting goals and crushing them. Each of us went into this with something to prove, not to each other, but to ourselves. Fitness isn't about being better than anyone else, it's about being better than you were. That's what makes this program a success, the weight loss, yes, but most importantly, the strength gained.

I know I've said it a lot of times, but you don't want to pass up doing this! It happens again in January and you'll want to be in that class. It will be a great way to start the New Year and make self care and improvement your resolution. There is more to be gained than lost doing Body Back.

Food is also something that goes hand in hand with this program which I probably haven't talked much about. It does change the way you look at food and the choices you're making. It isn't about depriving yourself, or even "treating" yourself. It's about balance and making smart choices. Once you start to see your body change, and the realization that what you put in fuels you and your workouts, it becomes easier to make those smart choices.And then it's thanksgiving and pumpkin pie is served and you realize you're weak and want nothing more than to eat the entire thing, but I digress.

So do it ladies! Step out of your comfort zone and put yourself first!! You are so much stronger than you think.