We're halfway done!!! It feels good. The week started great, then Wednesday we did our 100's class. If you think that sounds terrifying, you're right, it is. It's 100 reps of pretty much every muscle. Squats, lunges, push ups, sit ups, biceps, triceps, back, shoulder, and calves. It was pretty brutal, in the best way.

We knew this class was coming up, so it was mostly just trying to psych yourself out for it, And mentally prepare for the days of soreness to follow. 100 feels like such an unattainable number, like there's absolutely no way I can do that much of anything. AND THEN YOU DO!! And it feels amazing, and once again you're reminded of how much you're capable of.

I was pretty certain most of the class I wouldn't get through the whole workout. Since we were moving at our own pace and counting on our own, and once again I was pretty slow, I started to feel like I couldn't do it. Then I realized this was my workout, the only one I would be cheating out of a great workout was myself if I decided to cut corners. I just did it then, at my own pace, and I finished, I did 100 of every workout and finished. It felt so good!

Saturday was the half way mark when they did weigh in and measurements. I missed the class because my daughter turned 5 ::insert ugly cry:: and I couldn't miss the morning with her. It was a good day and I didn't eat any body back approved food, whoops.

What are you supposed to do when your daughter requests Portillo's and their chocolate cake?? I ate some, tried to be conservative with my portions, and tell myself I wasn't a failure. This is just one meal and doesn't take away any success and doesn't mean I won't be back on track for dinner and the days following. And I was. I don't want my kids to see me thinking food is the enemy, or always eating a salad, or saying things like "I can't eat that." This transformation is also about creating a healthy relationship with food. I'm always learning.

My home workouts have been better. I've used the videos we get, but also fitness blender on youtube. It's free and you can get any workout. My daughter and I did kickboxing this week and it was so fun. She just did it because she thought she was learning to fight, but I loved doing it with her and hopefully setting a good example.

I feel the pressure at halfway to really finish with great results. I'm feeling really good, and healthy choices are starting to be habit. I have a million excuses as to why I can't finish strong and get my workouts in, but I'm stronger than my excuses. I have my goals written down and I have that pair of jeans I want to put on with out laying down to zip up so here we go!

Goals this week:

get 6 workouts in, meal plan more efficiently, and kick ass