My hips don't lie, neither do the numbers

Week one is done and behind me! It wasn't a bad week, but it wasn't a great week.

Saturday was assessment day, the day of reckoning. First measurements are taken. Awesome, and by that I mean, not awesome. Then the weigh in. Had it not been in the park I would have requested to strip down completely naked to get the most accurate reading. I tried to convince myself that 7 of those pounds were my compression leggings. I mean, it must be a pretty heavy duty fabric to compress all that I need compressing so therefore it could be an extra 7 pounds. The numbers are hard to see. As much as I'd like to say it's not about the number, it's still unpleasant to see numbers that are a lot bigger than anticipated. To come to the realization that I haven't been taking good care of myself is hard.

After the weight in/measuring, is the physical assessment. This is difficult too, but also a little fun, It's hard to run. I'm not a fast runner and I'm not a good runner. The running portion makes me feel the most out of shape because it is a struggle. It will be good to see this become a little easier over the next 7 weeks. Everything else is okay, except for the sit up portion. It looks and sounds so easy, until you you try one and realize you've had 3 kids and you might as well just quite now because a sit up just will not happen.

Wednesday was the first official class. It was exciting and nerve racking. It was filled with so many squats and planks I was afraid I would never move again. Also a lot of jumping, which is fine, but in a class full of moms, a friendly reminder to wear your poise pad would be nice. I was pleasantly surprised at my own determination to try to make it through the entire minute of every workout. There were times I paused because I felt so shaky, but I got right back into it and finished, Tracy kept saying, "show me how bad you want this." And I do. I want the physical change so bad. I want to feel and be strong in my own skin.

I missed the class this Saturday, but I did run a 5K. I know, I said running is difficult, and it is, but I never would have had the courage or confidence to do a race if not for this group of ladies.

The meal plan portion of the week was not as successful as I wanted. We did some traveling so car snacks and vacation food are hard. I tried to focus on my portion and make smarter choices. Also tried to drink more water and use apples to fulfill a sweet craving. Trying really hard this program to kick the diet coke habit. That's gonna be hard. I've been replacing with sparkling water and fruit in my water.

I'm sure there hasn't been much, if any noticeable physical change yet, but my perspective has already changed. I'm already walking a little taller and feeling better in my own skin.

My goals for this week are to workout 4 times and stick to a good meal plan. I'll share some of my favorite recipes next week.