Strong is the new pretty

Week 3 is done and done. It was a good week. Saturday was a good workout, as they all are, but felt kind of long and I was in my head a little with some negativity. Wednesday though I felt like I had done a really good job. It was a circuit workout which I love! I love when the workouts go really quick that you don't even realize how hard you worked until you're done. I was super sore most of the week which really feels awesome. We're starting the four week mark which means we're halfway through.

Halfway we're doing weigh in and measurements again to see our progress. I'm on the fence about how I feel about this. We're not supposed to weigh ourselves during the program and I've done a really good job with this. I don't know about you guys, but I have a problem with weighing myself. Meaning, I do it too much. I'd weigh myself in the morning, usually at nap time when I'd lay the kids down, and again before bed. I'd let the number I saw dictate how I felt about myself at that given moment and even how I felt about food that day. It would usually put me in a bad mood and create a negative attitude. It didn't matter if I started the day feeling good about myself, but if the number was higher than I wanted, then I'd feel bad in my clothes, I'd have lots of negative thoughts about myself, and I'd feel pretty insecure most of the day. This is not healthy.

I have two daughters and I want so badly for them to see a secure and confident mom. That's what this transformation is about for me. It would be a lie if I said it wasn't all about the number, because it is a little, but I don't want that to be the only goal. At this halfway mark I'm trying to reevaluate my goals and make sure I'm on track and know what I'm working for.

I've had 3 babies in 4 years and suffered a miscarriage over the summer. My body has been put through the ringer and is unrecognizable to me. My goals are to not get my body back, but to get the best version of my body now. I want a body that can keep up with my kids at the park, that can pace the kitchen floor all night long with a newborn, that can chase my kids around the house, strong arms that can play baseball with my son, strong legs to play soccer with my daughter, energy to chase my toddler up the stairs and down again. A body that I feel beautiful in when I go out for date nights with my main squeeze. I'm trying to focus on these things and not what the scale says about my body.

I'm feeling really good about my progress so far, I'm noticing weight loss in my face, shirts fitting differently, and pants getting loose. I know that I can amp up my at home workouts which is my goal for this week. I've been trying to get them in, but the intensity isn't as strong as when I'm at class and I'm usually interrupted by someone dying of thirst or starving or needing me to braid barbies hair. Food is also going well. Still lots of eggs and veggies and really trying to keep on track with my water intake.

Looking forward to reaching the halfway mark and finishing stronger than I started.